(Virtual-) IRIDE: an infrastructure for applied research

IRIDE is a proposal, started in 2013, to build an infrastructure in the Rome area to produce beams of electrons, photons spanning from THz radiation to gamma rays, positrons and neutrons. The facility would target fundamental, applied, and industrial research. It is a joint proposal of INFN, ENEA, CNR and several universities and is intended as National Project. Detailed material can be found in the project web page. Our group is involved in the steering committee of the project and in particular R. Faccini and P. Valente were the conveners of the neutron beam study group.

 While awaiting the funding for such enterprize, the need to develop a comunity that makes use of the existing infrastructure and that opern to industrial research has been identified. To this aim in 2014 the idea to build this community around a distributed facility while waiting for the single centralized one was put forward as Virtual-IRIDE.



Who: R. Faccini


Collaborators: P. Valente (INFN Roma), M. Ferrario (INFN LNF), A. Pietropaolo (ENEA Frascati), L. Quintieri (ENEA Casaccia) et al



[2] IRIDE , An Interdisciplinary Research Infrastructure based on Dual Electron linacs&lasers, NIM A

[1] IRIDE White Book, An Interdisciplinary Research Infrastructure based on Dual Electron linacs&lasers



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