Hadron Photoproduction with LPA Electrons

Details in the working page.Lot of efforts have been spent in the past decade to produce ions with compact accelerators. In particular Laser Plasma Acceleration on solid targets are a good candidate for this. The achieved energy range, spread and angular dispersion of the outcoming particles is not yet satisfactory for applications. We have developed a new idea on how to produce protons with the energy of interest (several hundreds of MeV) with the current generation of lasers. It exploits the photo-production effect from electrons produced in Laser Wakefield Plasma Acceleration on gaseous targets.




F. Bellini, R. Faccini, V. Patera, M. Senzacqua



  • C. Mancini-Terracciano (CERN)
  • M. Petrarca (LNF)



[1] R. Faccini, Proposal of Laser Plasma Acceleration for Protons (LPAP), Nov 2013